Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooperative Learning Theroies

There are various theories that support social learning platforms. In this week Dr Orey observed that students, in order for learning to take place must be engaged in the construction of their own artifacts. (Laureate Education Inc. 2009) I am a strong supporter of cooperative learning; as a part of social learning. Student can learn so many things from each other. They look to each other for socializations acceptance, the birth of new ideas, validation of skills and ideas, and they get encouragement from some-one their own age, rather than the teacher. According the book, Using Technology with classroom Instructions’ that Works, they author state that cooperative learning focused on ways for students to interact with each other in a way that can enhance learning. (Hubbell,Kuhn,Malenoski, 2007)

The use of technology will only enhance this type of learning. The use of project- oriented groups will also benefit from this theory using the media tools, and communication tools.

One tool that is use in my classroom if the moodle online learning path form, i have seen that this technology does help students to collaborate more in their efforts

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  1. Diana,

    I also believe that technology can really give students a very positive social learning experience. Technology can now allow student to literally explore other places in our world and connect with others who can teach them about these far away places. In our reading this week, Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn, and Malenoski (2007) maintain that “we are living in a time when learning and innovation are increasingly global” (p. 139). Now with just a click of a mouse, students can communicate with another student who is on the other side of the world. It amazes me to think of all of the ways technology can enhance learning. Furthermore, the more experience students get using technology, the more they will be able to apply what they have learned in their future workplace.


    Pitler, H., Hubbell, E., Kuhn, M., & Malenoski, K. (2007). Using technology with classroom instruction that works. Alexandria, VA: ASCD

  2. I have been playing around on the demo account for moodle. It seems more of a resource site than a collaboration site. What are some ways that you use it in your class? What is your url? I would love to get some ideas from you.

  3. I use moodle pimarily for my online learning platform, I use it to create quizzes for my students they get the see their grades, I create discussion forums for them, I can also create drop box where they can drop off assignment. For me its is an excellect tool for collaboration.

    The website is

    check it out and see if you like it.

  4. Do your students respond well to this type of learning? For instance, most times, for my 6th grade class, I offer students the option to complete homework using technology instead of completing the worksheet. Out of 100 students, I only get one or two students who do the technology version. This shocks me. I will never give up however, as I think that developing technology skills is important for their future.

    Nancy C.

  5. Actually they do not all the times, I always have to remind them to complete task, most of them say however that they prefer the classroom led training