Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carrying out my Game Plan

This game plan involves all persons involved in learning process, the parent, the student, and the teacher. We will explore the actions of using technology to inspire students to be creative.

One of the avenue that will be explored is the bridging of the gap between parents and students involvement. Therefore it is imperative that an account be created at engrade and give both parents and students access to their assignments and grades, this will enable parents to see what assignments are due and the progress of their child. So far I have put this project into practice, for the new school year by emailing all parents about the new approach that will be taken to involve them in their children learning.

Another game plan is to communicate with parents the importance of becoming digitally literate to that they can inturn helps our students to accomplish thier goals. This will be done by having an ICT workshop. Some parent do not know how to navigate on the internet, this workshop is to help them through the process.

Using the NETS standard more effectively in my classroom I will create a technology enriched learning environment. As an instructor I must ensure that I prepare my instruction better by taking the time to prepare better instruction for my students. Therefore I have taken the time out to start my lesson plans using virtual tutorials and PowerPoint presentation to ensure that I am ready for the new school year.

I also plan to create a website that is interactive with both students and teachers to communicate via a message board, blogs, or emails, also in implementing the game plan into instructional methods students will be asked to use voicethreads, powerpoint and videos to present thier findings on subjects area.

With these objectives to carry out my game plan students will be creative gain inspiration in the classroom

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