Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Use of Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging to a technological tool use to publish information to the internet so that others can interact by sharing information.
For the Student the use of blogs enables them to interact with each other, share their concerns on thought provoking issues, showcase their work. It facilitates students to express themsleves in writing, and also enougage them to read and respond, analytically to what they have read.
Students are able to discuss topics to get a better understanding of concepts that were taught in class,blogging can also be reflection tool for students, and for revision. They can use blogging to create an online portofilo of work done in the past and present. For students blogging is a powerful medium for increasing access and exposure to quality information.
For the educators we can use blog to post class related information, for example, events. We can also use it as a tool to post assignments, give guidelines for writing skills. We can provide our students with online videos, articles so that they can view out of school. Provide other links with information relating to class. We can create an online book club. this one is the best of all we can link to other classes somewhere else in the world. The use of blog is one of the best tool we can use in the classroom to facilitate learning.
As an educator I teach to College level students. The use of the blog in the classroom is a great medium for my students to communicate and share information. It really allows them to be creative, intuitive, and promotes critical and analytical thinking on areas that are controversial and otherwise.
Students appreciate the use of blogs in the classroom to enhance learning. They can associate with this medium, they get excited when this approach is being used. therefore blogging can be a excellent way gain hands-on experience to prepare them for this rapid changing world of technology


  1. I really enjoyed your idea of creating an online Book Club blog for students. Obviously your blog may encompass different components than mine would working with sixth and seventh graders. However your idea is one to consider!

    As with any blogging site, the issue of accessibility and monitoring comments are two concerns that come to mind. Would your blog be open to everyone or just your class? Would comments made be monitored or would you ask that all comments made be appropriate as determined by the writer?

    Your online book club sounds like a great endeavor. I would recommend that initially you limit access to the book club to your class or university first. I would also monitor comments to ensure that your students are being appropriate to the material and to each other.

    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for your comments. The accessibility and monitorin concerns are noted. Students do have access to the labs at school, the government has placed technology access centers in communities, and some have access at home.With a blog you will be able to see every comment made by students and I will have an opportunity to guide their Learning paths.

    Because I teach the college level students, I could expose them so they can get various feedback. However it depends on the class. The comments must be monitored to protect to students.

    Thanks for your suggestion for the Book Club.

  3. I totally agree with you about it being a an excellent way to communicate concepts taught in class, posting assignments and videos etc..
    All of the youth are going to need to embrace this kid of technology because like you said, we need to prepare them for the rapid world of changing technology. As teachers, it is our job to prep them for the world they will face. No longer is it strictly test book, pencil and paper.

  4. I think the online book club is an excellent idea. Students enjoy sharing ideas and making predictions about books or stories they may be reading. The discussions that will arise from your online book club will be amazing. I think it is important for the books to connect to their real life. One question will you pick the books or will you allow the students to pick. A voting system might work well. The online book club will really allow your students to think critically and express themselves.

  5. I do agree that blogs give students a chance to reflect on their thoughts before, during and after a lesson. This is a very powerful tool for students to express their thoughts through words. I do indeed like the idea of the online book club, because we will be able to link our thoughts, student work and teacher ideas althogether. This is a GREAT IDEA!